Kickstart Presentation
(and poster)

Are you looking for Work ? Your next Career Move ?
First up locally: Kickstart, ft. Papworth Hospital - recruiting now

Universal Credit - before you start

Linked in: Bishop's Stortford - over News: Skills Centre (Airport)? M11 Improvements Project (£2.73m, junction8)?
Education: Clarion - eLearning, Degree Apprenticeships
Getting a Job: Reed in Partnership - Work Routes

Coming soon to Bishop's Stortford: Nextgen Clearing
Next up globally: IoT - the "Internet of Things"
- remember where you saw IoT first!

Welcome to Kickstart !

Are you:
  • looking for Work, but..
  • thinking you lack the skills ?
  • in need of a better CV ?
  • without eMail or the Internet at home ?
  • finding the Computer difficult to use *** ?
  • not being called for interview ?
  • after the Interview,
    .. still not being offered the Job ?

    *** You could try eLearning - at Kickstart
    - besides IT "taster sessions" - at the Library

    Kickstart your eMail
    Kickstart your Search
    Kickstart your Job Search
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    Our services are free.
  • Kickstart at Work

    What is StortfordKickstart ?

    It is an independent registered charity - free support and guidance to those who are subjected to redundancy or unemployment and to assist with job search and the skills required to enable a return to work.